By Kaitlyn Gaeta

They take me
far away
each and every night.
After everyone is asleep,
they wake up.
They glow in the dark of the night.
They flutter towards my
place of rest.
The only source of light.
They wait for me to rise
so they can take me
far far away
They attach to me.
No way to get away.
I don’t mind.
They take me to
Never land
Where all the fairies play.
But once we get there,
I want to go
The fairies come closer,
Their eyes,
Not periwinkle, but deep
Screaming as my wings
bring me closer.
I want to go.
They won’t let me.
The bright fairies open their mouths.p
Full of razor sharp teeth.
Like piranhas
waiting for their
next meal.
Inches away from
their face,
they attack.
I awaken
I look over at my toy chest,
sweat dripping down
my face,
where my dress up
wings lay.
The box moves.
Puffs of blue smoke
drain from the sides.
I hold my breath
as it fills the room.
The wings
I pretend to be brave, stand up tall.
They fly away from
My room
Out the window,
Away from me.