By Michael Doherty and Robby Roper

You may not have realized it, but whenever you are using soap, detergents or any kind of cleaner, you’re actually using toxins. This is making whatever you’re cleaning cleaner, but at the same time it’s making the ocean dirtier.

The Viking Explorers is a new elective for the 8th graders this year. They work on robotics, 3D printing, soap making, engineering, designing, inventing and building. They are fighting for a solution to stop water pollution in our waterways by making soap.

The process is simple; they mixed olive oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, water and essential oils with sodium hydroxide. Then added different scents like peppermint, lemongrass, cedarwood and lavender. This mixture then caused an exothermic reaction, which caused the soap to heat up to temperatures of around 200 degrees. They then added exfoliates: poppy seeds, oatmeal, crushed lavender, and calendula petals.

The soap then had to cure for 48 hours before it was able to be cut. They then used special cutting tools to shape the soap into perfect bars, where Mrs. Carillo guided the students in the process. Now they have to wait for the cut up bars to cure for 4 weeks. Then they will be on sale for $5.00.

With the money they make, they will be putting it into getting more soap supplies to save the earth, or they will be donating the money to an organization that helps the cleanup and protect our waterways.

Bubble bubble, toil and trouble; buy this soap on the double! It’s environmentally Sound (Long Island Sound that is). Bathe safely!

We will be selling the soap at the North Shore Middle School store. If you are unable to get to the store and you would like to purchase soap, then you can email Mr. Lang at, or Mr. Slack at, or