Lexi Stoff

Motors roar into the drive way,  
Bones poking through his skin rattle,
Footsteps march into the yard,           
He cowers to the corner.  
Forms into a ball,
No one can see him.

A chain wrapped around his neck,
Dragged into the arena,
His owner holding a snake,  
Waiting to take a bite out of him.   

Bleeding from his recent whip.
Previous scars open.

Yelps of pain roar into the night,   
Making the laughter roll in wave after wave,   
Sirens the sound of salvation.    

Dreading what will happen next,
He leaps into the air,
Making the whip,
Snap the chain in half.

He growls, snaps, and swipes protesting.
He cries as he is placed into a car,
Trying to snap off the hands of the people,
Who are still holding him gently.

The sweet taste of clean
Water is pouring into his mouth,
Like a river turning into a waterfall, 
Warm blankets are covering is frozen fur,
He yelps,
Medicine applied to his opened wounds,
Turning them bright red,
Hope is being fed to him spoon full by spoonful.