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“Hubba, hubba.”

“Be still my heart.”

“Stay where you are.”

“Sit doooooooooown, pleeeeease.”

Student: ”Can I go to the bathroom?”
Mr. Curtin: “I hope you can.”

-Legendary words from the one, the only, Tom Curtin

                He taught our parents, he maybe even taught our parent’s parents, he taught us. Some say he’s a great social studies teacher because he lived through all the events. But in all seriousness, he’s young at heart, and we think that he’s leaving NSMS too soon. 
                As a person, he’s a practical, Volvo-driving man. But in contrast, as a lifeguard, he takes risks to save the lives of others. He’s made hundreds of saves—how many of us can say the same? And when he’s not saving lives, he’s influencing them. He uses his sense of humor to create a comfortable and positive environment. He addresses poor decisions with sarcasm and a smile. Even if you’ve been a recipient of one of his famous detentions, you can still like the other side of him. And in the end, he teaches much more than social studies. He teaches us how to be good citizens, good students, and good human beings.
                From Hitler’s 12 Mistakes to CPR Training, his powerful lessons have made us think about the past, present, and future. He dares us to duel with pool noodles, puzzles us with crosswords, actively makes kids participate in raffles, and encourages us to think more broadly about who they are as people, community members, and citizens of the world. He tells us to pursue what we want to be and not what other people want us to be.

                For the authentic, generous icon Mr. Curtin has been throughout his 30 years of teaching at North Shore Middle School, we will always cherish him…and we will be expecting visits.
                                                         ~ Viking Voice Staff <3