By Kate Gilliam
        Mackenzie Olitsky, a sixth grader in NSMS has worked very hard over the course of this year to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Mackenzie along with her older brother, were inspired by a teacher at Sea Cliff Elementary, Mrs. Schleifman. Mrs. Schleifman’s father had MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and there had been a fundraiser at Sea Cliff for MS every year. Mackenzie’s family wanted to help fundraise for this cause in honor of their elementary school teacher’s father and the rest of the MS world.
        To start the fundraising process, Mackenzie knew she needed as much help as she could get. Her family and friends helped as well to support the cause. She also hung flyers around the school. They collected bottles and cans and returned them for five cents each.
        This year Mackenzie and her family collected a whopping 2,000 cans! They sold baked goods and collected donations around their neighborhood and at their church. Mackenzie had a lot of support throughout her fundraiser with help from her family, friends and Mrs. Schleifman. With all of this support, in the end Mackenzie and her brother were able to raise about 3,000 dollars for the Nation Multiple Sclerosis Society.
        Mackenzie answered what she would’ve done differently with a smile: “I would make more baked goods. Students love cupcakes!” Congrats and thank you to Mackenzie Olitsky and her family for supporting such a wonderful cause!

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