Yes, it has happened. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have been released last week by Apple. Almost everyone has been talking about the rumors, and they also have questions. OLED? Dual lenses? No headphone jack? New colors? Wireless charging? Now it’s the time to find the truth.
   The 7 has a all new A10 fusion chip, with processing speeds up to 2x faster than the iPhone 6. The chip is also more efficient, using 1/5 the energy as the high performance core, which makes the battery last longer. The graphics speed is also 3x the speed of the iPhone 6. The iPhone’s storage capacity’s base is 32 gigabytes, and you can go up to 256 gigabytes.
   The iPhone 7 is water resistant, so no more waterproof cases needed for the rain or spills. Two new awesome colors. Jet Black, a glossed black, and Black. But, the Space Gray is gone. The phone is also dust resistant. The antenna now goes around the top and bottom edges, instead of going on the back.
   The iPhone 7’s screen has a new wide color gamut, which means there will be a wider variety of colors’ shades. The screen is also is 25 percent brighter, and the 3D Touch response is “subtle taps,” so you can not only see the response, but also feel it. The screen is still LCD, so it still has the nasty blue light.
    The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has newly designed cameras. The 7 has a “f/1.8 aperture,” which means the camera could take light in better. The 7 Plushas 2 cameras, one wide angle, and one telephoto camera. When you zoom to 2x, the picture doesn’t lose quality, and you can zoom up to 10x. The camera has a new quad LED flash, which makes the flash twice as bright. The FaceTime camera is now 7 megapixels, instead of 5, so you’re going to have better selfies.
    With this new iPhone, it will change the way we think about smart phones. It’s brighter, faster, lighter, and just cooler in general. You should get the iPhone 7.