People all over America are waiting for the 2016 MLB playoffs. The playoffs will start the first week of October. Question is: Who will win?

The Mets and the Yankees are both fighting for the spot in the playoffs. Many people believe that the Mets will end up playing successfully.

Their year has not been going great. Most of their players have been getting injured. For example, Neil Walker had back injuries and was out for sixty days. Matt Harvey was also out for sixty days with a shoulder injury. One more example is Juan Lagares, who had a torn ligament in his left thumb and was out for 15 days. And many more.

Some people here at North Shore gave their opinions of who they think make the playoffs. Mr. Papa (a security guard) says he is “positive” that the Yankees will get in to the playoffs”. Also Mrs. Abel (a social studies teacher) thinks that the Yankees have a good chance and are hoping they will win.

However, the Yankees have lost or traded about 4 players, which has affected how they were playing. So both of the teams’ seasons aren’t going so well.

But the Mets have been winning a couple of games. The Mets finished with a great score on September 13 against the Washington Nationals, a score of 4 – 3. Alsoon September 16th the Mets had a great win of 3-0 against the Minnesota. In addition, the Mets finished with a score of 7-3 against the Atlanta Braves on September 19th.

Here are more recent achievements.
Mets vs. Phillies: 9-8 win 9/22/16
Mets vs. Phillies: 10-5 win 9/23/16
Mets vs. Phillies 17-0 win: 9/25/16
Mets vs. Marlins: 12-1 win: 9/27/16

The Mets have won 2 World Series, one in 1969 and 1986. And for the Yankees they have won 25 more World Series then the Mets. But I am huge Mets fan and the Mets I know will never give up and will fight for that spot and get it. In the poll down below vote for who you think will get into the play offs. Oh and…LET’S GO METS!!!!!!!!!

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