On Tuesday, September 11, 2001 the New York City World Trade Center was hit by two hijacked planes. At 8:45 a.m., the first plane hit the north tower and eighteen minutes later at 9:03 a.m., the second plane hit the south tower.  9/11 was a trying time for the United States.

The planes were hijacked by a group Islamic terrorists, called Al-Qaeda. These terrorists did this because they declared a holy war against the United States and a fatwa was signed, which means a death sentence has been dealt to someone or a group of people.

It is so horrible that fifteen years later our generation is affected by this. Children who weren’t born during this time, who are now older, have lost relatives that they have never gotten to meet. Students at North Shore Middle School, like Ms. Blue, have lost loved ones; Ms. Blue also almost lost her grandmother and uncle. Other students and teachers at North Shore Middle School like Ms. Mele have lost some close friends. Mr. Papa, North Shore Middle School’s security guard, knew three firemen who lost their lives helping others and made the ultimate sacrifice. Ms. Lagos witnessed the building collapsing.

Watching the news of the fifteenth annual memorial of 9/11 was traumatic. It just broke my heart to hear them announce all 2,996 names of the innocent people who lost their lives on this tragic day.

Now fifteen years later we have a new World Trade Center called the Freedom Tower that stands tall above them all. When we look at it, we reflect on the day and how it changed the world.

Credit: Kaunus Photos


  1. Great Job working on this this. It was an very interesting, article to read it!!!! When I was reading it I felt very sad.