We are entering the future of robotics. First, we built machines to do the jobs nobody wanted to do or that were dangerous like mining, factory work, and assembly work, but also simple jobs like cashiers that are already being taken over by machines.

But now robots are doing other jobs to prevent mistakes; they’re doing mental work. Law firms are now using legal motions made by robots and are comparing them to motions made by real lawyers to see which lawyers to keep or fire.  People are creating robots that can learn how to perform tasks by observing. Robots are a growing intelligence. Eventually, robots will be making intelligent robots.

Watson and Baxter are two examples of intelligent robots that were created to do tasks of everyday people. Watson is a question answering robot who was designed to win the hit TV show Jeopardy. Watson beat two former champions, and even won 1 million dollars. Watson has access to over 200 pages of memory that he could access offline.

Baxter is a general purpose robot who has sight. Baxter can watch what you are doing and copy it exactly. If something falls out of place, Baxter won’t be affected and will continue his task. Baxter only costs $1500, which is a pretty good price for a robot like this.

Scientists say that in thirty years most jobs will be taken over by robots.

Photo Credit: blog.robotig.com