On Sunday, September 4, 2016, a race was held in memory of Nicholas Pedone , and there something happened that shocked everyone.
News had reported it was going to be stormy, rainy day, but then a miracle struck. That day turned out to be the most beautiful day of the summer. Maybe it was not a coincidence at all, maybe we know it was Nicholas’ spirit.

Behind the Scenes

The Glen Cove High School was where the race took place.  Ms. Larkin and Mr. Freund are two who have attended in the past. Here’s what they had to say.

Ms. Larkin won first place. She said, “They almost had to cancel it because of the hurricane. They ended up raising $60,00 and counting. It was probably the best conditions for a race that big. We tried to surpass last year.”

Mr. Freund commented, “I was tired, but I really like to draw inspiration from Nick.”
In the end, this was a miracle and we would like to give our blessings to the friends and family of Nicholas Pedone.