Buzzzz, buzzzzz! 

My phone rang on my nightstand and I reached for it to see who was calling me. The contact said: Gracie would like to FaceTime. I pressed accept. Connecting….. 
“Hey Gracie! What’s up?” I asked, and placed my phone in its holder to make my life a little easier.  
“Nothing much Emily, but I’m SO bored! I’m not supposed to be bored on a Friday night!” She said and plopped back onto her bed. 
“I know! I’m bored too!” I said,and nodded.  
“Wanna go see a movie?” Gracie asked, and got out her laptop. 
“I’ll ask my parents if I can. What movie?”  
“Suicide Squad! I really want to see it! I hear it’s amazing!” Gracie said and typed on her laptop.  
“Sure, I’ll be back in a sec,” I said and left my room and headed down the hallway.  
I ran into my mom who was carrying a tray of milk and cookies towards my room.  
“Hey mom! Are these for me?” I asked and and looked at the cookies.  
“Yes, fresh and gooey out of the oven! Just the way you like them!” She said.  
“Thanks! Can I see a movie with Gracie tonight?” I asked and grabbed the tray from her hands.  
“What movie?” She asked with a warning look on her face.  
“Um…Suicide Squad. I haven’t seen it yet and I really want to!” I said excitedly.  
“What time? You need to be in bed by eleven. It’s already 7:30.” She asked and crossed her arms like she was defending herself.  
“Idk I’ll ask her. Brb!” I said and turned away and speed walked to my room.  
“Hey Gracie?” I asked,placing the tray on my desk and biting into a cookie.  
The cookie melted in my mouth. Yum!!!  
“Yeah? What did your mom say?”  
“She said that she wants to know what time the movie is cause my curfew is 11. ” I said.  
“We can see a 8:30 show, if that works,” she said and typed some more.  
“How long is it?”  
“Um… Let me check…” 
Click! Click! Click!  
“It is- 2 hours and 10 minutes. We will be fine Em! So want to go?”  
“Yeah sure I’ll tell my mom! Brb!” I said and walked out of my room.  
I saw my mom still standing there and typing away on her phone.  
I walked up to her and said, “We’re thinking of seeing the 8:30 show. It’s 2 hours and 10 minutes so I’ll be home before 11!”  
“Alright go get ready then!” She said.  
I turned away and walked back to my room.  
“Ok I can go with you! I’m gonna go now so I can get ready and so that you can pick me up!” I said and walked over to my phone.  
“Ok,bye,” said Gracie. 
We hung up. 
 I then walked over to my wardrobe and put on my sweatshirt and changed from my shorts to jeans. I put my hair up into a ponytail and brushed the ends. Then I went downstairs to wait for Gracie and I checked my Instagram on my phone while I was waiting.  A couple minutes later I heard a car horn. Honk,honk!  
“Alright mom! Gracie’s here! I’m gonna leave now!” I yelled up the stairs.  
“Alright sweetie! Have fun and remember your manners!” She hollered back.  
“Ok I will! Thanks mom! Bye!” I said and ran out the door.  
I climbed into the back seat with Gracie.  
“Hi Emily! How are you?” Gracie’s mom asked as she pulled out of my driveway.  
“I’m doing good,how are you?” I asked as I buckled up.  
“Good! Thanks for asking!” She said.  
At least I remembered my manners!  
The next morning I was doing my homework when I received a text from Gracie:  
Hey Emily! Wanna hang out today again??? 
I thought about my schoolwork for a sec. I had a math test tomorrow and a biology test on Wednesday. They were important and I hadn’t gotten the chance to study last night cause I saw Suicide Squad with Gracie and when I came home I went to bed.  
What’s more important right now? I thought.  
My phone buzzed again.  
Hello? You there?  
Ugggg! This was a hard decision! What am I supposed to do?  
I flipped open my biology binder and then closed it.  
I got time to study…Ill just stay up late tonight studying…but I want to go to bed early…UGGGG!!!   
I knew that if I didn’t study I’d fail the test and I couldn’t afford that. But I couldn’t afford loosing my best friend either!  
I started to realize there were a lot of things I couldn’t afford in this situation. This was though! REALLY TOUGH!! 
It was so tough I stayed in my room anything hit about it for a half and hour.  
Here’s my thought process:  
Gracie’s a person who’s really good a math and biology. So maybe she could help me study. But what if I don’t understand and she doesn’t know another way of teaching it? Then I’m screwed. But I could always go to extra help to review.  
Knowing that, I decided to stay home and study and maybe ask Gracie if I have a question to make the most of my study time.  
I asked Gracie a couple questions along the way and she knew the answers. I felt like Cinderella,all the different tasks and jobs one after the other.  
On Monday I walked into social studies and I saw the board:  
Get out a pencil and clear your desk! Test time!  
Oh shoot!!!! I had studied so hard for math and in the end I had a social studies test!!! Oh no!! 
I cleared my desk and got out a pencil and had a little pep talk with myself:  
Emily! You studied for the wrong subject!!! What’s wrong with you???Your doomed!! Good luck!!  
Then on Friday I got my biology test back and got a 90%! At last I studied one correct subject!! I also got my social studies test back and I got a 82%!  
Not bad but you could have done better! Yeah yeah! Whatever! Too late now!  
I needed to pay attention to test dates more accurately or who knows what might happen to me???