About 9 years ago, the first iPhone was released. It was a hit. Now we know, just recently, that the iPhone 7 was just released, and stores around the world are sold out. Apple has brought iPhones a long way, selling over 700,000,000 units. Will Apple go even further?

It’s June 2007, and the iPhone was just released in the US. The first of its kind. No physical keyboard, and a touch screen. It sold 3.6 million units in its first year. “This is only the beginning,” claims Apple. It doesn’t have the App Store, yet.

The iPhone 3G was released in July, 2008. “Twice as fast, half the price,” says Apple. It was literally less than half the price, at $199 compared to $499. It came with the App Store, which allowed the owner the freedom to download apps. The 3GS came out in June 2009. The storage capacity went up to 32 gigabytes. It had 2 colors. White and black.

The iPhone 4 was released in June 2010. Its design was different, with flat sides and 90 degree angles, unlike the curved design of the 3G. The camera was 5 megapixels, compared to 3 megapixels, and the 4 had a FaceTime camera, unlike the iPhone before. It was also the first iPhone with a Retina display (326 ppi).The iPhone 4s was released in October, 2011. It was the first iPhone that didn’t need iTunes to set up, because of iOS 5, which had iCloud. It sold a whopping 4 million units in just 3 days.

The iPhone 5 came out in September 2012. It sold 2 million units in 24 hours. It was 1.3 GHz, compared to .8 GHz on the 4s. The display also was slightly larger, at 4 inches compared to 3.5. The iPhone 5s was released in September 2013. It was the first iPhone to get rid of the black and have gold. It also was the first iPhone with space gray. The flash had two LEDs, to make the flash brighter. The iPhone 5c was released the same month as the 5s, and is practically the same. The only difference is that it’s shell is made from polycarbonate, which made the colors more customizable in blue, green, yellow, pink, and white.

The iPhone 6 was released September 2014. It was the best selling iPhone so far, selling 10 million in just 3 days, and a total of over 100 million, making it the most popular smartphone model. The screen sizes are larger, 4.7 inch for the 6, and 5.5 for the 6+. The design changed, with visible antenna bands, and a camera that sticks out a little. The iPhone 6s was released September 2015. The 6s has a 12 megapixel camera. It had a new color, rose gold, for the ones who didn’t like gold, silver, and space gray. The 6s also has 3D toutch. It sold over 13 million copies in its first 2 days.

The iPhone SE was released in March, 2016. It was considered to be the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 5s combined, with 6s features, and the size and design of the 5s. It started at $300, compared to $650 for the 6s.

The iPhone 7 was released September, 2016. The iPhone 7+ has a revolutionary camera, with 2 lenses, wide angle, and telephoto. The 7 had a better camera than the iPhone 6s, with a f1.8 aperture, which handles light better than 2.2. It has 2 new colors, Jet Black, black with a glossy finish, and black.

From slow, to fast. From small to big. The iPhone has changed a lot over the years.

Credits: apple.com, ipod.about.com, wikipedia.org