Imagine being interrupted every time you try speaking. Isn’t that disrespectful and inconsiderate? Well, in the first 2016 presidential debate on September 26th, that was exactly what Trump did to Clinton.

Many people are concerned about why Trump was being so rude and not letting Clinton talk, which made people have second thoughts about voting for the Republican candidate. Although many people think that it was good for him to interrupt Clinton and be very passionate about getting his strong opinion across, maybe even be passionate about our country,  he was still being rude.

People all over America and maybe in different areas have to chose whom to agree with. This is how things usually go. Always mudslinging at each other, screaming, trying to prove a point, this is not new to us. Then why is everyone making such a big deal about it? 

It’s not just Trump being uncivil. Clinton has had a couple of misbehavior’s too throughout the debate. Within the first 10 minutes of the debate, Hillary Clinton called Trump “A trumped up trickled down.” And that sentence started all the arguing.

It wasn’t just the two candidates that weren’t following the rules of the Hofstra presidential debate. The audience was asked by the moderator Lester Holt to be quiet and wait to applaud at the end of the debate. But did they listen? No. There were people laughing, booing, clapping, all the things that they were asked not to do.

Some people noticed that Lester Holt was asking questions directly to Trump as if he was trying to bring him down and make him look worse. But for Hillary Clinton, Holt was letting her off the hook. Another theory that I have is pretty obvious. Lester Holt is a huge, known Democrat, so perhaps he was trying to make Trump look bad.

One of the main Trump solutions to all the issues going on in America is to stop illegal immigration. This was brought up a little in the firstdebate.

The way Trump is going to do that is to build a wall to separate United States and Mexican borders, to block undocumented citizens.

Another solution for the issues going on in America is Obamacare. Trump wants to change Obama care because it Is basically giving illegal immigrants affordable health care. But not everything is free that’s where the taxes come in. We have to pay hundreds of dollars for the non wealthy citizens or undocumented citizens to get good health care. If Hillary gets elected then she decides not to deport adults and children who have no criminal records. She also doesn’t want to break up families that have lived in the U.S for a long time because, maybe, the parents aren’t American citizens and there children are since they were born in America . So the parents would be sent back to there regular country and there children would have to stay here.

Clinton decides to keep Obama care. She believes that it is right for people who are undocumented citizens to get inexpensive healthcare. Clinton also thinks that the whole problem with terrorism is effected by the gun control. So Clinton would like to take away guns from people so they don’t use them irresponsibly and unnecessary. I was not very surprised the way trump reacted to this because I agree with Trump. Trump states that if Clinton thinks that she can take away guns from innocent people that use their guns for good reasons then why should only her body guards get to have guns? How would Clinton feel if she has no way to protect herself? If you have any questions about any of the 2016 pesidental
There are many more examples of Trump’s and Clinton’s solutions to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!

Here are some more issues that are going on in America :
Gun control
Climate change-environment
Economy- minimum wage takes
U.S relationship with other countries (NATO) 
health care