“H- hello?” The flowers I fell upon were all dead, except for one.

A blackish-purple door that wasn’t there before appeared. I walked through it. Well, curiosity killed the cat.
A steel chair was being shone down on with light. That was the only light in the room, though. It was really dark. My head spun, and I was probably hallucinating from the fall. The chair was the only thing there, though.
Then I remembered: I was camping with my family, friends, and boyfriend. I had gotten up to go to the river to get a drink. It was really dark, so I guess fell down a hole or something.
I wondered where everyone was, because when I looked outside the hole I fell through, I saw a faint light, probably the sun rising.  I looked at the chair again and saw a child sitting in it. And she was… Laughing.
“Aw, sh-“
“Oh, Lizzie. You are so naive!” She laughed. She laughed and laughed and laughed and kept laughing as she stood up. When she turned around, I nearly fainted when I saw her.
Nightmares seemed to be pouring out of her. I tried to escape when I saw the two knives in her hands. But I couldn’t move.
“Help!” I screamed into the now-darkness. I only saw her.
But nobody came.
I then started to hear voices as she came closer.
No one can save you now…
…Goodbye Lizzie..
.You’ve met the worst…
“No! This is all just a bad dream!”
“And you’re never waking up…” She said.
I called out to my family. “Mom! Dad! John!”
Blood appeared on one of her knives. I called for help from them again.
But nobody came.
“Alex!” I called out to my boyfriend. “Jessica! Angela!” I screamed for them. Blood appeared on her other knife. I shouted all their names again.
But nobody came.
Tears were coming down. Fast. I called out to everyone I loved.
“Someone, please! Help! I don’t want it to end this way!”
But nobody came.
She teleported and appeared right in front of my face.
“So, so very naive…”