On a cold, crisp, October evening the North Shore Middle School students and teachers gathered in the gym to discuss an important matter. The principal had gone MISSING! With all the teachers and students dressed in there spooky Halloween costumes, they all decided to work together and try and figure out where Dr. Ferris had gone.

First they made Mrs.Green in charge to help the students and teachers figure out new things about where Dr. Ferris was. Than the students got Mr. Papa in charge of security along with all the other strong people, in case they saw any signs of Dr. Ferris or anything that looked suspicious. Once that was all set, Mrs.Green asked anyone where they saw him last. One of the students that was dressed in a cool costume said “I saw Dr. Ferris at the field playing baseball with the kids.” All the students and teachers decided to go down to the fields. When they did, they searched and searched, however they didn’t find anything.

 All the kids and teachers promised they would never give up no matter how hard it got, and so in sight they saw a tiny little object which looked like a piece of paper. Mr. Papa went to go pick it up. He read it aloud with the words that followed, “Here you are dressed up for the night. You knock and knock, hoping to fright. Instead, I am dressed up too. I give you a fright when I yell boo!”

Then we heard a big loud sound coming from the gym. BOO!  When we got to the gym, there was a tall person dressed in a ghost costume. When they revealed himself, it was…


Everyone yelled, “Cut! And that’s a wrap!”

“YAY!” Everyone hollered excitedly.

The North Shore Middle School had just made there first movie called Halloween Night!

Photo Credit- wallpaperfolder.com