“Sarah! Sarah!” I yelled. Sarah ran off again. “I guess I’ll just have to eat dinner without her.”  I sighed. I walked back home.
“Did you find her yet?” Mom said.
“No, not yet.” I said. I excused myself early so I could have time to think about how I might prevent these running away trips.
The next morning, I expected Sarah to shake me awake to get ready for school, only she was not there. I wondered where in the world she was, and why she would leave us for TWO DAYS. I went into the kitchen and Mom was freaking out. Usually, Mom is the one who calms me down, but now I have to calm her down.
We go on with our day, but solemnly.
When I open my drawer, I see a note. It looked like it was spattered with blood, but I assume it’s just paint. I pick it up and read it. I see words scratched onto it: “I’m in the woods.” I get excited. Sara must have written it, because who else would? Maybe I’ll finally go on a real trip out of the country! But that means my sister went first. She always goes first. I started to walk outside, into the hiking trail that Sara and I always go through. I hear rustling.
“Who’s there?!” I yell. I hear footsteps. It’s coming closer, but it was too dark to see clearly. I run back inside just in time to see a figure running away from something in the woods. I blink, and then it’s gone. I don’t think any neighbors would walk in the woods at this time of the night. I’m just hallucinating, I thought to myself.
I go back to my room, and expecting Sarah to come, laid awake.
She never came.
The next day at dinner, I see another note on the front porch.  It says “it’s in your own woods, right in front of your house,” like Sarah’s mocking me. I run back inside the house and showed it to my mom.
 “We’ve been in our woods all the time, I’m sure we can go look for her tomorrow.” she says calmly.
“Tomorrow?! I want to look today!” I say.
“Right now, in this darkness?” She says. Something urges me to say yes.
“Yeah!” I say. Isn’t it obvious to look for your daughter when they’re not there?
“You’ve been outside at night before, but you can’t go outside now.” She says.
 “Why? Cmon!” I pout. I knew I couldn’t fight with my mom because she was always right.
So I decided to wait.
The next day, I ask Mom, “Are we going to find Sarah?”
“What are you talking about?” She asks, confused.
“What do you mean, ‘What are you talking about’? You said I could go and find her today!” I yelled, impatient. Really? Are moms supposed to abandon their kids?
“Who’s Sarah?” She asked blankly.
“My sister, and your daughter of course… You didn’t know?” I say. Something is strange. I’m not sure anymore.
“Honey, you’ve never had a sister. But if you really want one…” she said, in deep thought. And from that point and on, I knew something was wrong.
I decided to set out in the woods. The woods that night looked different, as if our house was in a different place. I hear a voice in my head, don’t go in the woods, don’t go in the woods, don’t go in the woods, don’t go-. It almost persuaded me to not go in the woods somehow. I forget about the voice almost immediately.
I take in the fresh forest air, and started walking towards the direction that I felt I should go. I keep on walking, when I suddenly hear Sarah’s voice. “Over here!” She giggles like nothing happened. I see her behind a tree, with impossibly clean clothes. She runs further.
“Here!” She yells. I started to follow her, slowly, as she walked deeper and deeper into the woods, towards an old castle-like building. I am mesmerized by the beauty of the building. I take out my phone, and take a picture. I took a look at the time. 7:08? Strange. Wouldn’t it be 12:00 by now? Well whatever, Sara is here so it’s alright…right? I shook my head and looked up. There was an off limits sign in front of the castle, but I knew that Sarah was a good person. She would never go in there, would she?
She kept walking. Huh?
“Sarah! Wait! Why are you going in there?” I yell. I tried to keep up, but somehow she kept drifting away from me. “WAIT UP!!!” I yelled, loud.
But she doesn’t say anything. Is this really Sarah? Stop doubting her, I thought. This is definitely Sarah.