Donald Trump. The only words that come to my head when I hear that name is: slander, lies, racism. Nothing good. Donald Trump is one of the most horrific candidates I have ever seen in my 13 years of life.
            A majority of his statements are perverted, racist, sexist, and just blatant stupidity. I don’t understand how people can take him seriously. He’s sexist, misogynistic and makes statements that are so vulgar that it makes you wonder, how can any female human being could vote for him. Some people only vote for the Donald, because of the fact that Hilary is worse than him. Most people don’t truly understand the situation. We have a women who’s able to get her work done, and, on the other hand, we have a lying, manipulative, temperamental man, who does not have any ideas on how to handle any issue. He’s disgusting and a terrible candidate to run for president.
            Many of us are uneducated on how he is going to handle ISIS. Yes, ISIS is a terrorist group, and, yes, they cause a lot of damage to society. But, the way Donald intends on wiping them out is unimaginable. First of all, he is always claiming how he has a “secret plan.” We get that he doesn’t want ISIS to “find out,” but wouldn’t you share a bit of it so that the people can put some trust in your plan?
People have been wondering “What is he going to do?” Well, one of these many responses to this subject was how he would be asking military officials for ways to get rid of ISIS, and if they were good enough, he would take them into consideration.
According to The Donald, he has no plan expect that he will talk to others and take what they say as his own. He’s blatantly showing America that he doesn’t know how he’s going to handle ISIS, but he does know how to walk around questions! He also has a history of being oh so professional when talks about terrorist groups. He’s said, “We have to knock the hell out of ISIS.”
But wait, he did come out with one statement that must’ve made everyone believe in him! And that is planning to wipe out ISIS… by wiping out their families. Sure some people support this, but do you not realize what he is saying? He is going to kill hundreds of innocent children and women in order to wipe out the actual terrorist.
This is sick.
What Donald Trump is saying is almost the same as someone saying, “I’m gonna kill all of the Christians, starting with their children and wives.” His thought out plan to take out ISIS is not only horrible but completely unreasonable. If Donald Trump became president and had to handle ISIS and the entire new world, war would start.
Trump doesn’t have the temperament or the experience to handle such a big issue. I guess we’ll see what else he’ll say in the debates to follow.