On Friday, September 23, 2016, North Shore 8th grade field hockey team and North Shore 8th grade soccer team had their first game of their seasons. Field hockey, coached by Mrs. Canavan, had come home with a loss against Manhasset. As they worked so hard to score and keep them from scoring late, in the fourth quarter, Manhasset had scored their first but only goal of the game. As for soccer, coached by Ms. Hodermarsky, they came home with a 7-0 win against Thompson, Syosset.
Girls Soccer:
A great start to the North Shore 8th grade soccer team as Ms. Hodermarsky coached them to a
7-0 win against Thompson, Syosset! The team did well but they could also work on some things.
For example, I spoke to Frankie Corozzo, a defense/midfielder on North Shore’s team (#50). I had asked her:  “How do you think North Shore played against Thompson?” Frankie responded, “I think we did great by communicating, working and fighting hard together.” I then asked her, “What do you think
North Shore can improve on?”, as she responded “I think we did good but we can work on helping each other out when we are stuck. Let’s say I had the ball but no one to pass to, someone has to move to help me.” The team overall worked together to come home with the win, although they had some tough times during the game. The goalies for North Shore were Maddy Lutz and Jade Kessler; they both did amazing. In the first half Jade was goalie; in the second half Maddy went into goal. The seven goals were scored by many people but they had help bringing the ball up the field to the goal and scoring. As for Thompson, Syosset, they played a great game even though they lost. They got the ball up the field but they couldn’t make it close enough to the goal to try and make a shot.
As a goalie, I get a view of the whole game and get to see how the midfielders, defense, and forwards are doing. In my opinion, we have a lot of work to do. We do have to communicate better as well. I do see a good season for these girls though because no matter what, we all fight hard to come home with that win.
The girls did lose their next two games to Cold Spring Harbor and Garden City but as we practice, we will do better. We always have to remember that we are playing a game. Good luck to the soccer team for the rest of the season!
Girls Field Hockey:
There was a tough start to the 8th grade Girls Field Hockey team as they had lost to Manhasset. Coach Canavan had coached her girls well though, as North Shore had held the score at 0-0 until late in the fourth quarter. They lost 1-0 but did a great job. Manhasset is a strong team and is known for their talent, but throughout the day I was hearing some girls just straight down doubt that they would win. If you don’t doubt yourself and have faith in your team and work well with your team, you will come through. All it takes is for you to believe in yourself and your team.
The girls haven’t won a game yet but I know they will soon. Good luck in the season, girls!


  1. This was a most entertaining and concise view of an opening game for girl’s soccer. I believe the person who wrote this truly understands what it takes to win and give the reader a glimpse of how the right attitude will help you make it and win.