Pokemon. It’s a franchise loved by millions worldwide. It’s in the form of action figures, a television show and a card game. It’s for children, teens and even adults. But the playful jolly characters and animals have a darker backround. Sure, it’s satire but the entire concept of Pokemon is actually morbid. Although you don’t notice it, the game/show displays a wide variety between animal abuse, neglect and actual danger towards you mentally and physically.
If you haven’t noticed already, in the game/show about Pokemon, most of the Pokemon are depicted as animals. It’s quite clear some resemble to animals more then others but they all are the same concept. In the franchise, there is always a character whether it’s a female or a male. When “Ash” or “Dawn” (the characters) go out on their adventure, they bring something called a pokeball. A pokeball is basically a depiction of a net/cage but in a red and white ball shape. When the characters are out in the wild, they sometimes fight against wild Pokémon (animals). In order to win this battle, the characters use their other Pokemon that they captured in the past to battle the other innocent creature they stumbled upon. Eventually, the wild Pokemon gets too tired to fight against your Pokemon and it faints. At this point you are able to throw your pokeball and capture it so that you can keep it as a pet. In English, it symbolizes how a child in the wilderness abuses Pokemon (animals) with other animals, eventually throwing a pokeball (a net) at them in order to keep it as a pet. You can’t fight the fact that it is clearly animal abuse and it clearly show the child forcing animals to attack one another until the child is able to capture it.

While the character you choose is on their journey, they are usually completely alone or with some friends. Where are the parents? These children go around battling animals by themselves with no assistance. A lot of the time they come across a complete stranger and they have a fight. When a player loses, the game shows how you have to pay outrageous fines. Think about a child paying a fine. In the game when you lose a battle, usually the fine of your loss exceeds $1000. And you could say,  “Oh well, it’s just a game… it’s not real.”, but the message that gets across to kids is that they are rich. It’s a little inappropriate for children. All of this leads to the question: where are the parents? If you were an adult, would you let your child run around in the wild far away from home, hurting animals and people for months at a time? If they get hurt, they wake up at the last place they spawned at. It’s all a little bit fishy and the whole concept in technical terms is very weird and unsettling.
Lastly, this mostly pertains to Pokemon Go, the famous app. Pokemon Go is obviously Pokemon but in real life. You run, drive and walk around collecting pokeballs and other items while finding Pokemon and catching them. The game is a sensation and millions play. In the game there are “monuments” called pokestops. In the game, when you stumble upon a pokestop, it gives you the ability to refill/collect new items. Sometimes people put something called a lure module which attracts Pokemon to the area. People usually go to them because of the module. On a few cases someone put a lure module at a pokestops and when the expected players arrived at the module they were mugged on the spot. Although you must be thinking that happens infrequently, the amount of accidents surrounding the game is outrageous. So many people have walked off cliffs, gotten hit by cars and even gotten killed while playing the game. You could go on and on and on about the deaths relating to Pokemon Go, but click here for all deaths relating to Pokemon. Many of you think that it’s the players fault for lacking the knowledge and not paying attention, but a majority of the time it’s the game that has them glued to their phones, resulting in their misfortune.
Although it’s all satire and is completely irrelevant to modern life, the logical version of Pokemon is morbid. Be careful when playing, and don’t get hit by a car for a Pikachu.