Founded in 1940, the North Shore Women’s Club has been helping our families through hard times for 76 years. Their original purpose was to raise enough money to hire nurses to visit our schools. Back then, children weren’t educated on hygiene and cleanliness.

Most people worked on farms all day, and children typically helped out after school; bad hygiene and difficult outdoor labor made for a deadly combination, and disease spread like a wild fire through schools and homes.

The club managed to raise enough money to afford traveling nurses that would stop in schools and educate families, as well as tend to the sick. The
Women’s Club today mostly focuses on financial struggles, helping to pay for a child’s glasses and pay for other types of family hardships. Their main source of money comes from donations and their annual charity auction (see pictures below), held each year on the third Wednesday of October. The event is constantly changing according to The Times. 50 years ago, it started out as a fashion show but quickly evolved. Now held at the Millerridge Inn, over 230 people attend each year, and the numbers are still rising. The Millerridge Inn hosts a lovely dinner where the Women’s Club auctions off baskets and holds silent auctions. There are now 100 baskets and 20 silent auctions, ranging from a year’s membership at the YMCA, or a meet and greet with Regina Calcaterra, the author of “Etched in Sand,” along with several other famous books. Aside from the dinner, the group of 40 members meets once a month to discuss upcoming plans and useful ways to spend the money they raised, like provide college scholarships for kids in our neighborhood. For seven years Michelle Hagen has been president of the club and since then, the club has held numerous successful events. The event not only provided 230 people with a great social atmosphere, stunning party favors, (gift certificates to restaurants and to get your nails done) and a night out, but helped raise $20,000 for the community.