“Beep beep beep!” Your computer crashes. Your computer has just been hacked. People and companies all over the world are getting hacked every day. Millions of hacks are sent all over the world every day. Who is doing this? Why do people do this? How can you prevent this from happening?

People hack to steal information from others. Sometimes this is for good, like if the government hacked a company that is looking for more effective ways to hack and steal information. Sometimes it’s for bad, like hacking computers to steal identities and important files.

Cyber attacks can take down huge websites. Recently, there has been a cyber attack that hit Amazon, Twitter, and many other popular websites. They were shut down for several hours. This is why the FBI considers cyberattacks one of the top law enforcement activities.

There is no such thing as a hack-proof operating system, but some can resist hacks better than others. Mac OS X is probably the best one that comes with a computer, but is not the best overall. The best operating systems you could get are OpenBSD, and Linux, but they are extremely hard to install. If you want to go for something easier, go for Mac OS X or Windows Server 2006.

People could hack your computers in many ways. They can send requests, which can mess up websites. If they hack an email sever, or a credit card website, they can steal allot of information and money. It’s a good idea to have passwords for computers, email accounts, social media accounts, wifi, tablets, and smartphones. If your email doesn’t have a password, a hacker, or anyone, can log into your email, and can steal your identity, and confirm accounts. Think about it, your name and email on social media, and it’s not even you! Sorta creepy.

A recent cyberattack was when Yahoo! got hit involving 500 million users. Another recent attack was when hundreds of US government servers got hacked by a teenager, who gained access to the servers. Drop box also got

attacked, which affected 60 million users. I could basically make this list go on for over a page that there have been so many attacks.

Hacks are good and bad, but most are bad. You can also try to resist them. Cyberattacks and hacks are part of our future. If we want to prevent hacks, you will have to think like a hacker.
Credits: computerweekly.com, foxnews.com, hackmageddon.com.