On Friday, October 21, every nineteen minutes, a special bell rang in North Shore Middle School. Every nineteen minutes a U.S citizen passes away due to drugs or alcohol.

The National Red Ribbon Campaign is the oldest and largest drug prevention program. Each year it takes place on October 23-31. The Red Ribbon is an awareness ribbon; it is used to symbolize the prevention of illegal drug use and drinking.

Drinking can increase your rate of doing illegal drugs, drugs that can take your life. According to studies, research shows that in 2005 about 39% of traffic accidents involved alcohol. Imagine all those lives of those who suffered from drug or substance abuse. Preventing abuse and helping people who use drugs and alcohol can save a lot of lives. We can stop the cause of minor effects like smoking before they lead to the major outcomes of drug and alcohol abuse.

The students and teachers here at North Shore Middle School feel strongly about not drinking or doing drugs. The school wants to keeps children happy and healthy. In honor of the people who passed, and to show students not to do these things that are bad for our bodies, we wore a red ribbon. The school has seen many former students pass due to this, and we would not want to lose more students. During the week we heard positive anti-drug messages through the announcements.

North Shore Middle School’s store is selling merchandise to help spread the awareness to students. The school store is selling Red Ribbon T-shirts and eyeblack. Dana Baron, one of the parent volunteers who works in the store, says,”We do whatever we can to support.” A lot of the teachers, including Dr.Ferris, the school principal, purchased and wore a Red Ribbon T-shirt.

North Shore Middle School members, just like the other eight million people in the world who participate and spread awareness during this week, can make a difference. We can help the children and adults who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse. By spreading awareness we show people all over the world that drugs and alcohol are bad for our bodies.

It is devastating to think that every nineteen minutes there is one less child in the world.