Combating terrorism is a hot-button issue in any presidential campaign.

But this year, with almost daily terror attacks happening around the world, it is a particularly pressing topic. The December shooting in San Bernardino, CA and the June attack on a nightclub in Orlando are only two examples of these kinds of attacks. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have repeatedly spoken out on terrorism. The candidates have recently made terrorism a political mudslinging/ insulting tool: Trump has called Clinton and President Obama the founders of ISIS, with Clinton responding that these comments are yet “another example of Donald Trump trash-talking the United States.” However, as Election Day draws even nearer, the candidates are starting to buckle down on the specifics of their platforms on how to defeat ISIS and other threats. Trump has promised to obliterate ISIS by taking away the oil that funds the terrorist group. According to the article, “What’s at Stake,” it states that Trump vows to increase the size of the United States military army and “bomb the hell out of ISIS.” These statements that Trump promises to enforce are very powerful to our country. The bigger our military and the larger our population, the more power we have to defeat this horrible group of people. Despite his recent criticism of NATO, Trump also proposed working closely with the organization to further develop a division focused on terrorism. He wants to develop relationships that would cut off major funding to ISIS.
Clinton similarly wants to work with international allies to defeat ISIS and the ideologies that fuel it. According to the website PBS, it states that ” following the Orlando attacks in June, she pledged to “stem the flow of jihadists from Europe and Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and then back again… by working closely with our partners, strengthening our alliances, not weakening them or walking away from them.”’ Another part of Clinton’s plan is to set up air strikes against ISIS and help local forces abolish them.
Thankfully, both candidates running to be our nation’s next leader are honing in on the importance of getting rid of terrorism. Trump and Clinton have different ways of approaching this issue- which candidate do you agree with?