The cars that were once to be our future are now reality. Many companies are developing or have already developed self-driving features for their cars. These originally sci-fi wonders are now nonfiction. These cars can help to make our public roads safer then ever. Their automatic features can prevent countless deaths. However, in order for this to happen, the citizens need to have faith in the current technology. This new self-driving technology is our new reality and can change our lives.

Self-driving cars are taking over; tons of companies are implementing self-driving features. This has only been a vision for a long time but is now taking flight. Big car companies are developing ways to implement self-driving features into some of their newer cars. In his article called, “10 Million Self-Driving Cars Will Be on the Road by 2020,” on the Business Insider writer John Greenough states, “Companies like Mercedes, BMW, and Tesla have already released, or are soon to release, self-driving features.” Mercedes and BMW are big, successful companies; so if they’re willing to give it a try, it must be promising. Also, if Tesla, an expensive, fancy, car company is willing, it must be extra promising, considering how they have a better reputation. Tesla has tried some really futuristic car components. Along with the self-driving feature, they have doors that open vertically.

Self-driving cars can make our roads safer for everyone. The new Tesla model X has sensors all around it to see other cars. It can tell you if there are cars around you or even the approximate size of the car in front of you. It can usually tell pretty accurately if you are behind a motorcycle, bike, car or truck. It is so aware of its surroundings that someone should have no problem trusting the car to drive its self. In a New York Times editorial, “Ushering in a Safe, Driverless Future,” President Obama himself is noted as saying, “The quickest way to slam the breaks on innovation is for the public to lose confidence in the safety of new technologies.” You need to have faith in Technology to progress as stated. This shows how these new self driving cars should be trusted and tried out before being neglected. Even if advancements are made to improve our overall quality of life, it won’t matter if we don’t use them; and to use them we need trust.

Self driving vehicles can raise our quality of life. The Tesla company is working on an even more advanced version of the feature. According to Andrew Krok’s article “Tesla to Begin Enhanced Autopilot Rollout in ‘about three weeks,'” as of November 28, the Tesla company is working on a way of enhancing the already existing self-driving feature. It is said that in the next update, “Adaptive cruise control and autonomous emergency braking,” should be enabled for drivers. The full set of new features shouldn’t be out until at least early 2017. So far the main self-driving setting is only allowed for use on highways. Once these new updates are ready and allowed on the road, they can change driving forever.

In the end technology is always advancing but requires trust to make a difference. These cars are spreading rapidly and can help to lower the amount of car-related deaths. This is an important change because innocent people die because of careless mistakes at the wheel all the time. Trust needs to be granted to these new pieces of technology so they can further progress. We can’t advance without trust in new ideas.