Americans were angry. Americans were passionate. And Americans wanted the world to know it. 

        America put on a moving display of the most important part of the Constitution this Saturday: “We the People”. People rallied. People marched. They cheered, they booed, they made their voices heard. The Women’s March on Washington was America’s loudest and, frankly, most moving rejection of Donald Trump’s cruel demeanor, and his air of hatefulness that has choked many Americans. Many were more than unhappy about our 45th POTUS, and they had good reason for their distrust of him. At every corner of his campaign, Donald Trump has performed immaturely at best. From making fun of a disabled person, to bragging about sexual assault, to wanting to defund Planned Parenthood, an organization that has helped so many women, he has slowly developed a large mass of people that wish to see him dethroned. Many Americans are outraged at his behavior, and they got the chance to tell him that this Saturday. 
        The March on Washington was meant as a rally to be held at Capitol Hill, so anyone who wanted to could stand up for themselves, or against Trump and his beliefs. But it grew to be so much larger than that. Hundreds of thousands of people-men and women alike-marched on Washington to express their beliefs. And it wasn’t just Washington; Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, tiny towns in Pennsylvania-Americans flooded out of their homes and into the streets together. And those are just a few places in America. People in Australia, Germany, Kenya, France (and more!) came together against the new American president and in support of all those who are threatened by him. Over 600 sister marches were conducted in protest of Donald Trump. 


        On January 20th, 2017, America watched as Donald Trump was handed an immense amount of power over the United States. Some triumphed at this; others knew what they had to do: they could not leave the fate of America in Donald Trump’s hands. So the people delivered a message to our Commander in Chief in the form of a movement that spread world wide. They came up with clever signs, they designed a signature hat to represent the movement, they marched. Nothing was going to stop them from having their voices heard. And this is the best part about America: even when there is a despicable snake in charge, if the people rally together, they can overwhelm them and make a difference all on their own. Because as demonstrated at the hundreds of marches, if you get a large enough group of people angry enough, they will fight back, and they will fight back hard.