I asked students that I know to take my Sports Survey.  

I was curious about what kind of sports kids in my grade were interested in, so I did a small survey and asked ten kids what was their favorite sport. I found out from my survey that kids like sports that have a lot of action in it like hockey, basketball and football. 

“Football has a lot of action and it’s fun,” Isabella Barba said.  
Sydney Getelman said that she likes basketball because “It is high-scoring.” 

Even though baseball is supposed to be “America’s pastime”, none of the seventh-graders in my survey mentioned baseball as their favorite sport. 
The answers from the North Shore students matched up with how Americans felt about the sport from  2008-2013. Baseball  participation rates during that time declined by 2.3 million or 14.5%, according to a report by the Sports Industry and Fitness Association talked about in a blog by  Coach Gurney.  
There are many reasons people are not interested in watching or playing baseball. Baseball  has often been described as a “thinking man’s game”  because of the many different plays that can happen on the field.  It  also  costs a lot of money to go to a stadium and watch a game. 
In addition, kids have a difficult time focusing on the slow moving game. Kids do not like  it  when they strike out when trying to hit the ball and it takes a long time to improve. Baseball  is also an expensive game to play. It costs a lot of money to buy equipment such as bats, cleats, gloves, bags and uniforms.  

Baseball is still popular with the Latino population. Maybe they will help it become our “favorite pastime” again. According to an article from sportsbusinessnews.com, citing a study by Doctor Richard  Lapchick, “Latino players saw a slight increase from 28.4 percent in 2014 to 29.4 percent of all baseball players for the 2015 season.” 

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