Privacy is one of the many freedoms of an American. But how private is our modern world? According to The Huffington Post, it is estimated that about 92% of American adults have a cell phone. That’s about 239,835,268 people, meaning 239,835,268 tiny cameras that the government can use to spy on you. You see the government and the CIA have the ability to look through those cameras whenever they want. They can also do this with just about anything with a camera. If you are someone of interest to the government, they can look at you 24/7 and browse through your camera roll, browser history, and internet purchases. You really can’t be sure who is watching you…
There is also something that not many people know about, but it has been there for a very long time. Cookies. No, no, no, not the one you’re thinking of. Not the cookies made out of sugar and flour but the ones made out of zeros and ones. Cookies track what you purchase on Amazon or eBay, and create advertisements for what you would like. If you were to buy lots of clothes on Amazon, it would give you more advertisements for clothes. But these cookies aren’t always good. They have the ability to learn your name, and even your address. They can be helpful for seeing things that you might be interested in, but they can also be helpful to any authorities who need to look through your computer.
Now, I know that this all sounds scary and it might not make you want to go on the internet any time soon. But here are some ways to minimize the amount of information that you give out. I know that your parents always say this but don’t give out any personal stuff on the internet. Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms, and for good reason. It lets you send people funny pictures, show people cool landscapes on your story, and it deletes all of the stuff you send to people after they open it. This makes talking to people about private things very easy, without meeting up face to face. The Snapchat team also doesn’t give out your information, even if the government asks them to. Snapchat will refuse. One final thing you could do is to put a little Post-It on the camera of your devices. Then, nobody can see you!
The government is always developing new technology to track and monitor you. From the new Textalyzer being developed, and the Amazon Echo, and even Siri- these types of technology can all be used to track you, but people are always becoming craftier with their ways to stop the government from tracking you. So, keep thinking of ways to outsmart the government!

PhotoCredit:  Chained Reality


  1. The government and the CIA do not care what people are doing on their phones, they are too busy trying to destroy isis and stop ms13.

  2. Dude the government doesn’t care what we do they are too busy doing other important things like stopping terrorism and keeping people alive.