think it’s stupid how people can judge other people by looking at the clothes they wear and the shoes they have.

I honestly don’t understand why people think they’re better than other people just because they wear a famous name brand like Pink or Tory Burch. We’re taught that it doesn’t matter how other people look, and it doesn’t. However, it does matter the way you portray yourself.

Everyone cares about what you wear, but no one really cares about how you act or your personality. Walking down these halls, I realized how much we talk about other people without them knowing just because of what they look like or what they wear. It’s not only about the clothes; it’s also about the amount of money we have. Being rich means so much in this school. It means you’re popular. Being popular means that everyone should be afraid of you and that you’re the best, but the truth is you’re not. If you wear name brand clothes that aren’t expensive, you get thrown around in the school. It honestly makes no sense.

Just because you don’t wear UGGs doesn’t mean that you don’t have the money for it. It might mean that you don’t want to spend the money because you know you’re going to end up not wearing them, or you know you would rather spend that money on something else. Kids shouldn’t feel the need to buy anything for the sole purpose of fitting in. If you have Sperry’s and someone else has them from another company, what’s the point of talking about them?

The worst part of the power of being popular is if you date someone who’s not popular, you automatically get kicked out of being “popular”. I wouldn’t know that because I was never popular, but it’s easy to see this from the people that fill up North Shore Middle School.

In ten years it’s really not going to matter if you were popular in eighth grade at North Shore Middle School. You think that’s going to get you into a good college? Because it’s not. The thing that’s going to get you into a good college is if you have a good personality. So yes, school is about making friends with people you’d want to hang out with and be seen with, but it’s also about learning so that way the future ahead of you is positive. All I’m saying is that instead of just seeing how they look, we should see what’s on the inside instead of the outside.