The burkini ban in France is the latest challenge that Muslims are facing. Their physical freedom is being butchered. 

France was attacked by ISIS on their Independence Day. According to a New York Times Upfront magazine, as a result of recent terror attacks, the “anxiety in the wake of the attacks prompted officials to enact the burkini bans.” A burkini is a burqa made for swimming. It combines the word burqa with the word bikini, which is a play-on words.

Ok, so why attack innocent Muslim women who are just wearing swimming clothing? In the city of Nice, a photo was captured by a photographer of French policemen forcing a Muslim woman to remove her shirt on a beach. Some Twitter users, according to the same article, posted photos of nuns “wading into the water wearing their habits, and wondering whether the French police ‘would make these ladies take their clothes off too.” The photos were taken in Brazil, and it shows what social media can do to affect the issue: awareness is being brought to this controversial subject. But if the nuns were to go to a beach in France and go into the water, would they be forced to take their clothes off? The answer would be no. The real issue here is not about the clothing- it’s about the way France is treating innocent people based on their religion. 

At one point in the article, it is mentioned that “since the French Revolution in 1789, the idea has been to keep government out of religion and religion out of government in order to protect the rights of French citizens.” Some might say that the U.S has become more accepting of  religious traditions brought by immigrants, even after terrorist events.   The thing is, ISIS did attack France on their Independence Day; but, one may still ask: if you aren’t fair to one religion, is it possible to be fair and  equal to other religions?