On July 28, 2016, France banned the use of burkinis, a type of swim wear that covers the body from head to toe used by Muslim women, in public spaces. The world was not happy with France enforcing the ban, which came along with banning any other clothing that covers the entire body. I agree with the fact that the banning of burkinis is completely wrong. In the article “Why Did France Ban A Bathing Suit?” from the New York Times, it states that the French Prime Minister supported the ban, and said that the burkini represents “the enslavement of women” and that it’s “not compatible with the values of France.” Yes, I agree with the fact that it might disturb the values of France since these women are living in France, but I strongly disagree that the burkinis represent “the enslavement of women.” I believe that these burkinis represent the strength of these women. They risk their safety and comfort to wear not only burkinis, but hijabs in places where terrorist attacks occurred, which were people of the Muslim religion. These women are innocent. People in the Muslim religion are innocent. What they wear does not, and is not a threat to the rights of women or men. Since wearing full coverage clothing is banned in France, social media spoke out and argued about a photo that was released. In the article, the image was of nuns wading into the water wearing their habits (clothing covering the entire body). With that, Twitter users were wondering if the French police “would make these ladies take their clothes off too.” The photo turned out to be from Brazil, but these users are right. Nuns follow the Christian/Catholic religion and wear clothing that covers their entire body except their face and hands, but would the French police ask them to remove their clothes? Is this ban only made for Muslims, showing discrimination against one religion only? The French government has not said anything. This may prove that France is just being disrespectful to an entire religion- an entire group of people who live in France, who chose France because they thought it was a safer place to live. France is being disrespectful to the people who are representing them as a great place to live. 5 million out of 66 million people in France are Muslim. Getting rid of 5 million people would be a tough job, even if they try to. I think it’s time that France showed some gratitude to the Muslim religion, don’t you think?