All alone I stand, a weed and nothing more
That’s how people see me, not what’s at my core
Inside I am lonely, prying for a friend
someone to make my life more than a begging and an end

Someone to give me purpose, someone to fill my days
Someone I can cherish, someone who’s not afraid
Yes I am a weed, I take, that’s how I live
But maybe if I had someone, I could learn how to give

The seasons around me change, I become a ball of seed
Hopelessly still waiting, maybe no one can see past my greed
But then I realize the biggest thing, that I could ever give  
Might just be a thing, that gives back to me a will to live 

I give up every piece I have, and every single seed
So that there is nothing left, a lone stem I am freed
And a gust of wind, it carries the bigger part of me
And the greatest gift I am given, is my very own family