Our world could change at any moment and we’re not doing anything to stop it. The Larsen C ice shelf is a huge chunk of ice that scientists predict will break off some time in the future. It could raise the global sea level and global warming might be playing a part in it.
 This is just one of many ice shelves in Antarctica. Even though the Larsen C ice shelf might not be the largest ice shelf, it is still big enough to make an impact. This impressive chunk of ice could increase sea levels if it breaks off. According to Maddie Stone’s article on Gizmodo.com, “Having grown an impressive 17 miles (27 km) since December, the Larsen C ice shelf has about 12 miles to go before it reaches the other end of the shelf, snaps off, and spits out an iceberg nearly seven times the size of New York City.” The ice shelf is growing at an incredibly fast speed. If it could grow 17 miles from December to February it’s only a matter of time before it snaps. It’s too early to determine how stable it is, but such an iceberg could reshape Earth as we know it. Stone also states that, “The entire ice sheet contains enough water to raise global sea level by 3.3 meters (over 10 feet) on a timescale of decades to centuries.” The duration of a decade or century could seem overwhelming; however, with something that could possibly permanently change our shorelines, no time is too long. Along with increasing the global sea level, it would change the shape of Antarctica that we have on present day maps.
 Climate change is also a key factor in the possible change. Global warming could really be playing a role in this natural catastrophe. The gradually increasing temperatures could cause more than just the Larsen C ice shelf to break off. Stone states that, “Average temperatures have risen a staggering 3 degrees Celsius (5.4 degrees Fahrenheit) since pre-industrial times.” 3 degrees Celsius isn’t a lot if it was just for a day or so but it is everything when the average temperature rises by just a couple degrees. All of the snow and ice needs to be at a certain temperature to be maintained and the temperature is crucial in places where it is present. Three degrees can make the difference between having or not having this Ice Shelf on Antarctica.
Although the Larsen C ice shelf seems like too large of a problem to solve, we can help to prevent global warming.  It may not seem like it, but the best way for someone to take action is to spread the word. According to Melissa Denchak’s article on nrdc.org, Aliya Haq states that, “Change only happens when individuals take action.” Bringing an issue to the public can be the best way to solve it. Take action and spread the word!
The Larsen C ice shelf is bound to break off and possibly raise our global sea level. It’s important that we are aware of our world and how it changes, since it could lead to major problems in our near future.