The White House colors fade to red
As we can’t win like we once said
Because the freedom we so tirelessly fight for seems to be dead
We can’t surpass the hate in our enemies head
Just like we can’t surpass the lies we ourselves have been fed
If we can’t tell facts from fictions
Why does America have politicians

Bullets continue to fly
Children continue to die
And fathers
They continue to cry
All while our enemies hide
Behind shields we never seem to find

We live in a world where too many gun shots ring in our ears
Where too many hearts are paralyzed with fears
Our faith
Our hope
Unlike their tears

Why can we not live in a world of peace
But we feel we can toss it
Return it Take it and leave it
As if it were a lease
How is it possible we think we are justified
As from all across the world we sat back
And watched As they cried
They tried
Locked and scared
Because we threw them in stables
While we stand
Willing and able
We always say “One day”
But one day It’s now
So the only question left to ask ourselves
Is how?