Has my life been a lie?
I keep growing smaller

I’m just trying to tie
Up the fact that I’m down

Moreover, how would you feel?
When I’m… gone?

Would you make a seal
On their broken hearts?

Would you kneel over the fact
That I’d never come back?
Or would you just become so sad
That you’d turn mad?

Or would you stand tall?
Resurrect me from the dead?
You wouldn’t dare fa/_
Over the fact of losing me?

You’d be so brave
You wouldn’t dare cave

You know it won’t ever end
Once you help me, you’re friend

What would you do?

I’ll help you on the journey there
This game called life isn’t always fair

As they say, just go with the flow
I love you too much to let you go

Because you know that I’ll always be there in the end
I just pray for you, my friend

ecause I know what you’ll do