A girl and a boy
Both take the same test
But the girl goes home hungry
While the boy is well fed
he boy has a loving father
And a protective mother
But the girl was taken from the father
And given back to the mother
A war in her head
That just seems endless
The girl like a stray dog
Walks back to her “home”
As the boy rides his bicycle
n the side of the road
Two completely different people
One happy and one stressed
Both are given
The same exact test
The boy does amazingly
While the girls gets an F
She begs the teacher
For another test
But she was forced to go home
Distraught and stressed
Fearful for how her mom will react
But the boy gets picked up
By his mother and tells her how
e did on that test
Both kids grow up
All throughout high school
The girl studies and works harder
While the boy suffers
She gets good grades
And becomes a genius
While the boy gets B’s and C+’s
And just is decent
The girl became the valedictorian
And the boy became a dropout
While the girl talks about her life story
She can’t help but laugh
Because the one motivation
That told her to keep going
Didn’t have anything to do
With what she ever learned on that test