Dear Mr. Thill,

This isn’t about Trump’s fiscal policies. In fact, this isn’t about the wall, his insults, his itchy Twitter finger, or his seemingly orange complexion. For the record, I’m a moderate Democrat and a straight white male. No minorities here folks. This is about Trump-  not as a president, but as a person. To put it frankly, Trump is a pathological liar. He is an unapologetic leech, feeding off of the media’s fascination with his racist comments (and yes, I just declared Trump racist, Mr. Thill) and his “unique” way of interacting with disabled reporters. Anything that pops into his mind comes out of his mouth, whether it be declaring Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists, claiming Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, and discussing his all-powerful wall, even though it runs through Native American reservation property…

Are they illegals too, Mr. Trump? My next questions are for you. Why don’t you just “Grab ‘em by the” ponytail and throw ‘em out, eh? I cannot wait until your false promises and rapidly descending approval rating catch up to you, and I cannot wait until the FBI confirms, (again) that your wiretapping claim is false. Anyone who says that “he is what this country needs” is falling into an open grave for the presidency. Without regard, you say whatever the crowd wants you to hear.

So, Mr. Trump, good luck ripping health care out of those who can’t afford it (a free market healthcare system that is designed to lower prices and drive up quality that was originally a Republican idea), and good luck stopping those damned illegals with your wall. I’ll leave the nitty gritty policy details to much more capable writers, but consider me a critic, a critic of character.

Consider me the opposition.

Photo Credit: Pittsburg City Paper


  1. Hi, i think your article is well written and is well made but I disagree with most of what your saying. First of all I don’t think it was nessecary to disagree with Mr. Thill on this article and you could’ve done that separately and focused on Trump. Secondly, I understand your opinion differs from mine and like the other 90% of America, I understand you dislike or perhaps disagree strongly with Trump and his ideaology. But I think the problem here is that everyone sees Trumo as the bad guy, the person who is going to ruin America and is attacking people. This is not true, Trumps just like every other 44 presidents we’ve had in the past. An American with ambition and beliefs that he wants to use to do his best to make this country better than it already is. If we ridiculed every president as harshly as Trump because we don’t agree with him, I doubt many people would even think about running for the job. Also nobody at all is covering the controversial things Trump’s opposers do. Such as Hillary Clinton insulting Trump supporters openly. Overall I think your article is good because you express your opinion in a well written and interesting way, but I think that the many people who oppose Trump(which is a large number of people), should stop for a moment and consider trying to look at the other side of the story.

  2. I ldisagree with your article, it was rlly unnecessary to say “Mr Thill”, I have comments on my article for a reason. I’m sure you’re a nice person, but I don’t agree with you at all. I respect your opinion, but the “Mr. Thill” part was not necessary at all.

  3. Excuse me but Donald trump is very intelligent man and probably has a much higher iq than u. He is not racist he is telling the truth …..sir……

  4. @JackKenny I agree with you that if we found everything stupid of a president to do in history like people do to Trump, nobody would believe anything positive being done of that has been done by that person, I also agree that ridiculing the leader of our country is ridiculous whether you like the president or not, you still can agree that we are still a United country under Mr Trump, so think twice my author person about only calling out negative things about a leader because you may not realize that every morning when you Pledge Allegiance to our flag you pledge “to the republic for which it stands” saying that you support or government and president, so think twice when you call our president a pathological liar, and unapologetic leech, and racist, no matter if you just call him that as a person he is the President so think twice

  5. I am not trying to prove trump would be a better candidate or a worse candidate because we as minors have our self opinion of politics, but it’s crazy to think that this entire website has turned into the liberal democrat show. Not to mention that even in this case your points are not valid. Even if my opinion is in support of Donald Trump, doesn’t mean on a MIDDLE SCHOOL NEWS WEBSITE that we are fighting over politics. For we are just pawns in society that should be enjoying it as it is and not causing pandemonium about “why Donald Trump is unworthy.” As every person says think before you speak.

  6. Thank you for writing an article about Presidnet Trump being the greatest liar in the world. I know that President Trump was cheating people in the past and also not get paid for doing the work for him. Also, President Trump wants to repeal and replace Obama Care but he should know that if he repeals the Affordable Care Act know as Obama Care many people could be able to lose their health insurance in our country.

  7. I think that his country needs an President that has not have the experience and the temperament to be commander in chief. I think that Donald Trump should not be commander in chief, because, he had no zero experience in politics and also he was an buisinessman who cheated people in the past, that’s the truth! I think that Vice President Pence should become the Our President because, he has the experience and the temperament to become commander in chief!!!! I know that President Trump was a really, really bad liar in the past to a lot of people in the past!! I would appreciate if the Speaker Of The House Ryan Paul would become commander in chief. Thanks for writing this article. I love it!!Sincerely,
    Krista Eder.