People have different opinions about students bringing their cell phones into school. Many teachers and parents think that phones would be a big distraction in the classroom. Students think that it would be a good thing their phones to use in their classroom.

One of the biggest problems that teachers have with phones is that they might stop students from focusing on their schoolwork.

“Cell phones are a big distraction, as kids like to send text messages, pictures, Snapchat, and Instagram,” says Miss Bernstein, a seventh-grade teacher at North Shore Middle School. “If students brought them in and were just able to take notes or use research, like on your iPad, then I think it would be okay to have your cell phone.”

Mr. Freund, who is a seventh and eighth grade social studies teacher, agrees with her. Even if students promised to not use it their phones for texting or social media, he thinks that they would be tempted. “If class is little bit boring, you might look at your phone. It’s a natural human thing to do.”

Some teachers even think that phones should not be used outside the classroom, either. Ms. Shea, who is an art teacher, thinks that students should not use their phones during lunch because students need to be spending time with their friends then.

While most teachers think that phones in class are a bad idea, some teachers think that phones could be a good learning tool. Ms. Donovan says that she has “mixed feelings” about phones in the classroom. She understands that phones can be a big distraction, but “I like it when my students are able to listen to music if they are working independently. When I have special projects with the students, I like it when they use their cell phones to take photos for the projects, or take movies.”

Some teachers, including principal Dr. Ferris, think that students should use their iPads instead of phones for making movies. But Ms. Donovan, who is an eighth grade English teacher, says that phones “have a better camera and better technology.”

Not surprisingly, many students think that phones in the classroom would be a good idea.
Chris White, a seventh grader, says phones can be helpful in the classroom because they have calculators and can play music. “Studies have shown that music can make you focus,” he says.

Eighth grader Sarah Moughal thinks that the camera is much better on smart phones than the school iPads, the phones have more storage, and their Internet connection is faster.
“I think that it would be okay to have phones in the classroom,” she says, “but they should be turned off at all times so that they are not a distraction.”

Even though phones have a lot of possibilities for learning, almost everyone agrees that they also could be a big distraction in the classroom. So it looks like nothing is going to change, and kids will have to keep on putting them in their lockers during the school day.
And even when it is an appropriate time to use cell phones, like after school or on the bus, kids should still follow some basic rules: be respectful to the people around you, control your voice, use appropriate language, and watch where you are going if you are walking.

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  1. This is well written? I think phones should be allowed but kept on top the table so you can’t get distracted and can be used when necessary

  2. Hi I think phones would be ok in class because you can literally get all of the same apps you have on your iPad. But we should all be thankful that our school is able to afford our iPads, some schools don’t even have iPads for learning purposes. Btw very well written??✌️✌️✌️????????

  3. I decided to write about this topic, because I feel very strongly that students should be able to use their phones in the classroom, because I think that phones would make them focus more on their lessons more during the day in my own opinion!!! Also I think that phones would be a good learning tool in the classroom so students could be focused during class more more more more more more more during the school day! I would appreciate if students would be able to bring their phones inside the classroom. Thanks! Thank you.Sincerely, Krista Eder.
    Ps. I hope that you like my good comments about students using phones in the classroom!!! I hope that you like it.