Dear Viking Voice,

I am writing to you today with concerns and a strong feeling of displeasure regarding the past articles. I believe that these writers should not be trying to persuade our political beliefs. I understand there is a lack of articles, but there should not be articles informing the students about why they should/should not support Donald Trump. I also noticed that in your most recent email you mentioned a frowned upon series [13 Reasons Why]. [Warning students about that series] was Ms. Green’s goal after all.

I think it’s best to keep your nose out of politics and write intriguing articles about who knows what. These opinions of authors are not in the sense wrong, just extremely biased and maybe not totally appropriate for school.

Concerned Student


  1. Some one edited my 7+paragraph article which took 3 1/2 hours to write and changed it to an article that has no relation to my well written article, this is unfair VV why did you do this to me I spent more than 1/8 of a whole day on the article and you changed my 7+ paragraph article in to a 1 1/2 paragraph article WHY DID U DO THIS:( Joe ciampa

    • Did you write any lf this or was it all edited because it does not sound like something you would write

  2. What ever happened to freedom of speech and freedom to write what we want don’t chicken out just because two people complained have some artistic integrity for gods sake let them write what they want no matter the cost.