Since fidget spinners first came out, it’s been a big hit for both young and old people. Yet, some are extremely expensive, like $25 fidget cubes and $5 plastic spinners. It’s so popular that companies are coming up with spin offs of their own. As it says on the package, it’s for school, work, or just for fun. And it has been proven that fidget spinners can actually help concentration.

But when people use it too much, it doesn’t become the toy that stops fidgeting- it becomes the center of attention.

Teachers are saying that students don’t know when it’s appropriate to use the toy anymore. The students use the real use of the spinners as an excuse to use it in class. Distracting kids, occupying their attention, and angering the teachers aren’t the purpose of these spinners, but that’s what happens. Its popularity has become so intense that teachers are banning it from classrooms.

Even though it has also been proven that it can help people with attention problems, it’s the kids that don’t have a disability who use the spinners that disrupt the class. When it’s hard for people with attention deficit disorder to focus, the toy provides them with a background motion, fueling their need to move, and since they have a background motion, they can focus on what’s in front of them.

 But the kids without that disorder can focus just fine and do things with no problem. What I’m saying is that even though fidget spinners can actually help with attention problems, and banning them may be bad for those with ADHD, the kids who don’t actually have that are the problem. What the teachers need to do is not ban fidget spinners, but stop the people that don’t need them from disrupting a class.

Are fidget spinners as awesome as they seem? Kids seem to think so. Not me, though, and not the teachers that are losing sleep because of it.

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  1. I think it’s a good thing to write about the fidget spinners in school, because many students play with their spinners in the classroom, and also I think that the fidget spinners could be a big distraction in the classroom!!! Spinners might be a good learning tool in the classroom in my opinion!!! Thanks for writing about it.Sincerely, Krista Eder.