If anyone has watched the news recently, you might’ve seen things about Trump. And you may have seen (if you’re on Twitter) that he said he would probably bring our troops back from Afghanistan. But, he also said that he would send about 3,000 more troops to Afghanistan.

The US can send an additional 3,000 troops to Afghanistan – or perhaps more – as part of a major shift away from the policy of President Donald Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama. But on Twitter, he clearly states, “Let’s get out of Afghanistan. Our troops are being killed by the Afghanis- we train and we waste billions there. Nonsense! Rebuild the U.S.A.” Trump discussed this on January 11 and they are still debating on what to do today. The Pentagon wants Trump to send in 3,000 or more troops, but he’s still deciding whether to do it or not, and he has yet to announce his decision on his Afghan strategy. According to The Independent Daily Edition, “During the campaign, he repeatedly said that he would put “America first”, expressing skepticism about allowing the US to get caught up in foreign conflicts, while also vowing to defeat Islamist extremists”. We can only hope that he makes the right decision, and doesn’t contradict himself for too long.


  1. I think that President Trump has different views on Afghanistan about sending troops or not sending troops to. Afghanistan. He is an idiot in my opinion!!!!! President Trump does not have the experience, the temperament, and the judgement to be the commander in chief! Thanks for writing about other article about President Trump!!! I really inenjoy it.Sincerely,
    Krista Eder.

  2. Barack Obama said to get out of Afghanistan, but we shouldn’t, he probably hates this country, and his wife even said she didn’t like the US until Barack became the president, horrible! Anyway, Were not going to back down from those cowards in Afghanistan like Obama wanted to do, Trump isn’t scared to use our powerful army against Islamist extremists, and if we don’t fight them, they WILL get stronger and look down upon us even more than they already do, we want the Islamist extremists to fear us, not the other way around. Hopefully Trump sends in not 3,000 troops, but 5,000 if it means fighting Islamist extremists.