Ah, the topic of Trump. Even just the name could cause an entire room to start an uproar of arguing and disagreement. Except, is that really true? Of course he’s a controversial person, I don’t think I could fool many people by saying that he isn’t. However, how many people would stand up for this new President, and how many would laugh and make fun of him at the mention of his name?

I think the problem here is that neither side of the argument is looking at the perspective of the  other. Most people see Trump as a racist, a bad person, etc., but will not consider the matter from a Trump supporter’s view. Furthermore, a Trump supporter, or someone who at least doesn’t dislike him, would probably not look at it from a Trump hater’s point of view. Now I’m trying to be fair here, but it seems like the balance between supporters and haters is uneven. I’m making a very big estimate (I have not done any calculations, mind you), and I’m guessing about 60% of people who know who Trump is and know things about him dislike him in some way.

Now I know they’re entitled to their opinion, but have they tried looking at it from a different view? Think about it, how would you feel as Trump, a man who just got elected into office, who is getting ridiculed relentlessly since the campaign began and it still hasn’t ended? I admit Trump has done some controversial things over the course of his campaign and presidency, but this doesn’t mean he’s a bad person or President. None of us are perfect, so why judge Trump, since he’s only human and is bound to make mistakes just like you and me.

Also, people overlook all the good ideals Trump has about America. He believes in safety, fairness, and that people in America should put Americans first. I know this is a big statement and that many people who think illegal immigrants are ok will disagree with this, and I understand. I know, and I’m sure Trump does too, that not all immigrants are entering the country to do bad things. However, I also believe that Trump believes in the overall safety of America and wants to make sure that the immigrants, who are illegal and that want to do bad things, can’t hurt American’s. If they’re going to take the time to enter the country legally and do the right thing, then they will come here. But if they aren’t doing what they’re supposed to, why should they be allowed to come in quicker than the people who are doing the right thing? Another controversy surrounding Trump is his so called “immature and racist nature”. First of all, I think it’s uncalled for to jump to the conclusion that he’s racist. He may have said some things that specific people disagree with and find offensive, I know! But does that mean Trump’s a bad guy who hates specific races? Of course not! I’m sure he believes in equality as much as the next guy, but just as other people do, it might slip their mind once in a while to be careful about what they say. Furthermore, it might not be such a bad thing to have a quick thinking president (some might call impulsive). If we are dealing with a dangerous situation and we need someone to make a decision fast, we can be sure that Trump will be able to do this.

It’s also come to many people’s attention that people are marching and petitioning and overall opposing Trump. I think that is a sign of immatureness, not Trump’s quick wits, and I think these people need to calm down and express their feelings another way. I think the best thing to do is to let Trump do his job, which he worked hard to get for over a year. How would these people feel if I marched and petitioned them because I didn’t like the way they were doing their job?

My final subject I want to cover is the fact that many people overlook the things that anti-Trump supporters have been doing. First of all, Hillary Clinton has openly talked badly about Trump supporters. Many people argue that Trump is not good because he talks badly about other people- well, so does Hillary, and no one says anything about that, do they? Hillary Clinton is proven to have stated and I quote “Half of Trump supporters Belong in a ‘Basket of Deplorables'”.  She also said to a crowd that if they knew anybody who was even thinking about voting for Trump, that they should stage an intervention. These are strong words from Hillary and I think someone should hold her to it. Also, students at Middlebury College turned their backs on and attacked a professor with a conservative speaker. Does no one acknowledge this? All these things are being said and done against Trump and the people who support him and nobody says or does anything against it. Plus, barely any media sources cover it with sympathy for Trump or his supporters. I think this is unjust and just overall proves the unbalance in beliefs about the politics of today.

Before I wrap up this article, I just want to say that I’m sorry to those who strongly disagree with me, and I have no problem with that because you’re entitled to your opinion. The only reason I wrote this article was to help some of you consider looking at it from a different perspective, and also because I see that nearly every article on the Viking Voice that even mentions Trump, talks about him negatively. I’ll be honest here and say that I don’t like getting into politics or expressing my opinion about it all that much, but I do think someone has to say something about all these nearly one sided feelings about Trump and his supporters. I would like to thank those of you who read this entire article and I hope that one day maybe the opinion about modern day politics won’t be so one sided.

On a side note, I’d like to thank the many people who supported this article. Their support has inspired me to publish this article and for that I am very grateful.

Sources: nbcnews.com, bostonglobe.com


  1. I think thais article is an opinion article because you are telling us that we must give President Trump a give an chance to prove himself!! I have decided to give him an chance!!! I think it’s good tefferic article that typed for the Viking Voice. I liked reading the reason why you decided to write this article!! Awesome good article for the Viking Voice! Thanks very much about him!!!Sincerely,
    Krista Eder.

  2. This an Falastic article about President Trump!!!I think during his campaign many Trump Supporters increased when he won the election. I think that we should give him an chance during his first presidency to prove himself! Thanks for writing about him.
    Krista Eder!!!