It started out just as hate
But then we grew closer
You never were just “one of them”
You were always (pretty much) better
You soon became one of my bestest friends
One that kept the right pace
We laughed and we cried, we did it all together
You would never ever  be replaced
Then change decides to roll around
And more depressing moods kick in
I loved you more than I ever could
Because I couldn’t let it win
Things smoothed out a little bit
You liked someone else and things for you weren’t crappy
I stopped at that point because I knew
You would be happy
Then something else rolled around
I still can’t define what it was
I thought our friendship would fall apart
Even though I didn’t know the cause
So now I fear you don’t want me
And it’s something that I feared to face
I hope we’re never going to break apart
But I pray I just won’t be replaced