Former Vice President Joe Biden Former Vice President Joe Biden

Here are some differences between Vice President Pence and Vice President Joe Biden.

Vice President Pence believes that we should have more security at the boarders and that we should build a wall so Mexicans cannot come into our country illegally. He insulted Mexicans by calling them criminals and rapists. Joe Biden believes that building a wall will be very expensive and it will cause problems between the United States and Mexico and he also believes that we should we all get along with each other by not calling each other names.

Another difference between Vice President Pence and Joe Biden and Joe Biden is their experience. Pence was the governor of Indiana from 2013 to 2017, and Joe Biden was an Senator from Delaware from 1973 to 2009.

Vice President Pence says he believes that Isis should be destroyed by attacking it by air every single day, while Vice President Joe Biden has been using drones to attack Isis by air. Vice President Joe Biden believes that Isis should be destroyed by other countries fighting Isis, but Pence believes that Isis should be destroyed by our military.

A private sector is businesses in the country, Pence wants to create jobs using the private sector. Vice President Joe Biden wants to create jobs by using the government. During his vice presidency, Biden created about 15 million new jobs! Pence’s plans could create only about 3.5 million jobs in the economy.

Pro-life is when you need to protect the baby no matter what. Pro-choice is when the woman has a choice whether or not to have a baby. Pence is pro-life, while Vice President Pence is pro-choice.

Pence believes that everyone who wants a gun should have one to protect themselves. Vice President Joe Biden believes that there should be gun control in this country, because he does not want criminals to have guns.

Another controversial topic is whether or not countries should have nuclear weapons to protect themselves. Pence believes that other countries should have nuclear weapons, while Vice President Joe Biden believes that other countries should not get nuclear weapons because there will be a nuclear weapon war between the other countries.

Vice President Joe Biden and Pence ran different campaigns. Pence made fun of the Mexican people and the handicapped in his campaigns, while Biden did not do anything like that.

Pence believes that immigrants who have no documents should go back to the country that they came from. Vice President Joe Biden believes that immigrants have no documents and are hard workers should be given a chance to become citizens of the United States.

Pence does not believe in climate change. Joe Biden does.

Pence wants less people to be coming into the country, while Vice President Joe wants more.

Pence does not believe in same sex marriage. Vice President Joe Biden believes that gay couples should be able to get married.

Although Mike Pence and Joe Biden have different beliefs, Joe Biden’s  beliefs are more fair and equal for everyone.  He says the right things for  all issues occurring in the world. Biden has a smart temperament and cares about women’s rights and the middle class. However, we should still give Mike Pence a chance to rise above and be just as great as Joe Biden.


  1. I think this is an awesome article about Vice President Pence and Joe Biden!!! I feel that Pence should be able to change his beliefs about the issues that are happening in the world, because I know that Mr. Vice President and Mr. President should not be a good problem solver on the issues and needs to know good solutions to the issues that are happening in the world today!! I think that Pence does not have the judgement about what to say about the issues that are happening right now in the world, and also he does not have the temperament, to worry about things that are happening right now. Another difference between Pence and Joe Biden is that Biden is an Democraft and believes in Democray, Pence is from the Republican Party!! That is an very most important about them. Their beliefs are very different from each other on the issues.I feel that we should give Pence to prove yourself as Our Vice President. Thanks for posting this! I have decided to write an other two or three article about the differences between the Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senator Tim Kaine and the differences between Vice President Pence and Senator Kaine!! Also, I am started to write about Dr. Farris leaving and become the Assistant Superintendent in Waugh. That’s what I was thinking so far.
    Krista Eder.
    Ps. I will write an article about why the Congress should impeach President Trump out of office, so Pence could be able to become Our Presidnt of our country and so the Speaker Of The House, Paul Ryan could be Our Vice President of Thai really great nation!! So they could be able to get their promises done in the executive branch.

    • I think that President Trump should get his own impeachment very soon as Our President because number one he ask Russian President Vladimir Putin to hack into our election, so he could be able to win the election!! Two, he insulted woman by calling them names like dogs pigs, sobs and distrusting as well. The last reason is that he told Russians secret information by saying that ISIS is putting bombs in our computers and he told them secrets about our military which is secret information! He told the stupid Russians secret information as Our President, because in the past he had business dealings with Russia and the second reason is that, he is really best friends with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Putin helped him win the election! These are the reasons why he should deserve to get his own impeachment when he is our commander!!?Trump is such an fraund and in the past he lied to the American people during his own campaign and he cheated people by paying them for doing something that he wanted when he was the head of his own business and when he lived in Trump Tower!!!
      I would appreciate if Pence becomes Our President and the Speaker Of The House Paul Ryan, getting their promises and also getting their things done as Pence being Our President and Paul Ryan being Our Vice President in the executive branch! They will be the ones that will be able to Make America Great Again!! That was President Trump Campaign name when he was running for President of the United States.
      Ps. He derseves an impeachment very soon!!!

  2. I think that Russian President Vladimir Putin should not trust Trump anymore as Our President he is such an fraund in my own opinion!! Putin did not have any respect of a OBAMA and Biden administration when he was busy taking over land in the world!!!!!!!!1 I am trying to say is that Putin should be very responsible for Trump acttions towards the American people and I think that he is theb worst President that the American people had in the present! God Bless!! God Bless!! Bless!! God Bless!! God Bless!!God Bless America! God BLess The United States. God Bless The United States Of America. I rather have Pence being our commander to lead this already great nation forward and be able to get things done in the executive branch. Thanks very much? Thanks.Sincerely,
    Krista Eder!!!!