The North Shore School year of 2016-2017 is coming down to an end. I enjoyed my time here and made a ton of lifelong friends and memories I will never forget. Sure, there have been many bumps in the road and bad days as I went through middle school but I got help from the support I am given. I am sad to leave the middle school and leave this chapter of my life but I am also excited to go to high school and start a brand new chapter of my life.

It all started on the first day of 6th grade. I got to be honest-I walked in scared, I didn’t really know where I was going and I had to figure out a way to stay organized and get to class before the bell. After a few weeks I got the hang out it and I was still sticking with my friends from Sea Cliff. I made new friends in my advisory very fast; two of my first friends I made were Mackenzie and Sara. I’ve pretty much been friends with them  since I met them. I met more friends through classes and other friends, too. I met a couple friends in my first cycle class. Their names were Rosie and Celia; we have been friends ever since we met.  The thing is in sixth grade, even before the school year starts, they have a barbecue, not only to show you around the building but also to help you meet new people. So as school went on I met more and more friends. Then all of a sudden finals came. I was scared for them, honestly, but I tried my best and I was happy with whatever score I got. I was sad school was over but I couldn’t wait for next year.

Now, it’s September of 2015 and it’s back to school time. I saw all my friends and couldn’t wait to get to school. It was also my friend’s birthday so I had to get her candy. Seventh grade was harder than sixth in academics and with friends too. It was hard with friends because I hit a rough patch with one over something big and I had moved lunch tables. It was hard for me to deal with it because I had then thought that I would start to separate from my other friends. We made up later and we went on with our lives. It was hard academically because I was having a hard time in math, but I always had a hard time in math. I made it through the year and all of a sudden, the end of the year came. That’s when we went to Philadelphia and then took our finals. I had a bunch of fun in Philadelphia because I had the best group. I then had finals and made it through them. After finals, no matter what, I always ended up with a group of my friends. We went to the playground together and had fun.

Summer flew by and soon came eighth grade, my final year at North Shore Middle School and my final year with one of my best friends.   I felt a lot of stress this year because I knew that it was going to be a tough year with Regents and everything. I got the hang of it and got help that I needed. In the middle of the year came midterms and I was having a hard time with algebra. Soon after the Regents my teachers realized I could do better in math if I got the help. So I got switched to a different math class, which also switched my science class. At first it was hard but then I realized it was for the best. Now the end of the year has come, and it’s sad because it’s the last year I will be spending with my friend at school. Although I’m happy for her, I’m going to miss her. I’ve enjoyed 8th grade but I’m also ready for it to end.

North Shore Middle School has given me a lot and taught me a lot. It has given me friends I thought I would’ve never met and it gave me a chance to show one of my talents: writing for the Viking Voice. Writing these articles, although they may have not been much, have let me figure out one of my passions. I hope to continue writing and helping them out. The things that I have been taught here can help me through life with friends but it also had taught be to always go with my gut. I wanted to thank all my teachers like Mrs. Kelly, Mr. Pace, and Ms. Donovan. Mrs. Kelly and Mr. Pace had always pushed me to better in class and never left me doubt myself. Ms. Donovan is the reason I got into writing, why I am writing this article and why I want to continue writing. I also wanted to thank my friends like Sara, Celia, Christina, Gianna, Gillian, Rosie, Isabella T, Frankie and Giuliana and more. They all have done so much for me and I don’t know where I would be in this school without them. I couldn’t have made it through this year without their help  so thank you to them.

Special thanks to Dr. Ferris and Mrs. Green for everything they have done for me. Also, best of luck to Dr. Ferris at his new school as Superintendent!

I can’t wait for the new adventures and obstacles in high school and for the next chapter of my life.


  1. Hello,I am an 7th grader, at this middle school. I wish DR. Farris good luck in his new school as the Superinendent of instruction! I hope that you will do a good job being it at his new school! When I go into 8th grade, I will miss the middle school when I am in high school that’s the truth!! Good article about leaving middle school and going to high school!! Thank you Dr. Farris for everything that you did for our school. God Blesss!!! God Blesss!!! God Blesss!!!!!!!! Thankls for writing this awesome article about the middle school. Thanks very much.
    Krista Eder!!