It started with just random letters. I always hid the note so my parents wouldn’t know. I didn’t really care about them, until one day a paper airplane was thrown into the kitchen.
     “It’s probably just some neighborhood kids,” I said to myself. But when I picked it up, I could see that that was another letter, in the form of an airplane. Through the beam of sunlight, I made out these words: “I am watching you.”
     How did this person know where I live? Of course. They’ve probably been putting the letters in my house themselves.
         I checked to see if they were still there. I could see a person leaning against a tree, with a piece of paper in his hand. All of a sudden, he ran towards my house. I didn’t realize the danger until I saw him running towards the door. I had left all the doors open, wanting to let some air in. I ran out the back door, trying to get to town. No one was outside, and I was all alone. But for a second, I thought maybe I could make it to town.
        I felt a hand on my neck, pushing me down. I couldn’t breathe. In a desperate attempt to try to free myself, I jumped up and hit him in the head. While he was caught off guard, I ran.
      It felt like I ran for miles. I was so thirsty, so tired. There was nothing else to do other than fall. Closing my eyes, I heard the shrieks and surprised yells of people around me. All I could do was hope one of them called the police.
         I resurfaced in an underwater dream. Here, I could move freely. I wished I could stay here forever. But something was wrong. When I looked around, I spotted something. There was a man. Finally, I opened my eyes.
     “Mom? Dad?” I whispered. It was dark in the room. There was no one here, other than sleeping patients. Their snores sounded like moans, moans of ghosts and poltergeists, warning you. A chill went down my back. Even though the blinds were closed, he was everywhere, watching me.
        I couldn’t escape.
   A creaking noise coming from the window. The blinds were being moved by wind. A gloved hand reached into the room. I was too scared to get off the bed that I couldn’t move. My breath was trapped in the back of my throat. As he stood up, I tried to say something, but it was so pathetic. I could almost hear him chuckle under his breath.
  Fat tears rolled down my cheeks. I wish my last words weren’t “Am I gonna die?” Somehow, though, something stopped him. He ducked back out through the window, leaving no evidence.
     I stayed wide awake for the entire night, scared that he might come back. When I came back, the kitchen was flooded with paper airplanes. He was already inside. A hand pushed down on my neck, blocking my airway. And I blacked out.