For days I have been woken up by a strong pain in different spots of my body. When I woke up today however, the pain was worse than it ever was. I reached down through the blankets and touched my leg, only my leg had a big bruise on it. It was turning green and purple- the worst bruise I ever had. I didn’t think anything of it because I already have tons of little bruises all over my body.

I got up, went to school and walked home alone. The day seemed normal enough until I started to walk. I usually walk with my best friend Anabelle, but she left school early. I was confused where she went though, because she didn’t tell me where she went or why she was leaving, which was not like her.

As I started walking down by the grassy marsh to get to my house, the blue skies swallowed with darkness and it began to rain. I quickly ran home and made it safely without getting too wet, or so I thought. When I walked in the door I was greeted by a tall man in a dark blue hoodie and blue skinny jeans.

“I’ve been expecting you, Kylie.” he whispered as he walked towards me slowly. I walked towards him to try to dash past him and run up the stairs but it was too late and he snatched me with his hands. I tried to scream and run out the door but there was another man dressed exactly the same and he locked the door behind me.

The two men carried me into the basement by my arms and legs while I kicked and screamed. When they reached the top of my basement stairs, it was apparent to me that they had been in my house at some point because my basement was hidden. They opened the door and pushed me down the crooked wooden stairs. When hit the bottom I had cuts all over, I wiped the blood off of one of my cuts and stood up. I looked around and heard a muffled scream. I walked to the back of my basement and opened a bag that the sound was coming from. When I opened it I saw a figure I recognized, it was Anabelle!

Her shiny red hair peaked out of the bag and I immediately knew it was her.

I whispered “Anabelle it’s me, Kylie, I’m going to help you.” She turned over and put out her hand for me to pull her out. When she got out we couldn’t talk to each other because her mouth was covered in with a piece of dark black duct tape.

“Let’s run out the basement door, it seems like they left,” I said. We both ran up the stairs and to our surprise the two men stood there, towering over us.

They kicked us back down the stairs and this time they came down with us, our fate unknown.