“This is the house?” Ann asked in disappointment.
“It sure is,” her mother replied, in the same tone as Ann. Ann and her family were forced to move to her great Grandfather’s old house. It was the only place they could stay at, ever since her house went up in flames last Christmas.
Ann hopped out of the car with her luggage, and dragged it to the front door. She creaked open the door and the smell of old people and rat droppings flushed through her nose. She gagged. I can’t believe this is our new house, she thought to herself.
A couple hours passed. She just finished setting up her bedroom, when she heard a noise coming from her closet. It sounded like breathing. Ann’s heart was beating out of her chest. She slowly crept over to her closet. And just as she was about to open the door, her mother called, “Ann! Can you come downstairs for a second?” Ann glanced back at her closet. The breathing stopped.
She ran downstairs to her mother. “Hey sweetie”, her mother said. “Your father and I are going to run some errands in town for a couple of hours.”
Ann thought back to the closet. She was going to be home alone.
She sat in her couch as she watched her parents’ car pull out of the driveway. She
turned the T.V. on and slowly gazed off to sleep, with her phone in her hand.
She woke up with a startle. The T.V. was turned off. She looked around thinking her
parents were home, but the car wasn’t in the driveway. She reached for her phone to check the time. Her phone wasn’t in her hand. She looked around. Her phone was shattered across the floor.
She heard a crash from down the hallway. Her heart was racing. Then she swore she heard a scratching noise, coming from upstairs. She slowly crept up the staircase, praying she wouldn’t die.
The scratching noise got even louder. She then realized it was coming from her closet. As soon as she stepped in her room to see what it was, the scratching stopped. The hairs on the back of Ann’s neck were standing straight up. She reached out her hand to open the closet door. Just do open it, she thought to herself. Stop being such a baby.
She opened the door. She couldn’t believe her eyes. There was a black, glowing creature sitting on the floor, rocking back and forth. It stopped rocking and slowly turned its head to look at Ann. It eyes were glowing. Tears were dripping down its face. But then Ann realized they were tears dripping down the creature’s face, it was blood. Ann tried running to the door to escape.
The front door opened. Her mother stepped through the door. “Sweetie! Were home!” But it was too late. The creature had already attacked.