Animal abuse is one of many problems in our world, and yet Puppy Mills are just one of the many cases of animal cruelty. But it is the biggest. With so many puppy mills around the world, filled with puppies to the brim, another dog will die to disease or deliberate harm.
Many dogs will stay their entire lives in that tiny cage, filled with their own waste and poo. Many will never get to see the light of a loving home. Their paws and legs will be imprinted with the tattoo of the cage wires. And they’ll barely get any food each day, leaving their ribs unprotected. And once they’re too old to sell, if they even survive that is, they’ll just be killed.

Life is even worse for the females.

When the females become old enough to breed, the puppy mill will force her to get pregnant. After pregnancy, they will breed again. Puppy after puppy, they will slowly deteriorate, having to give their life and their blood to every puppy they create. And they get the ending of every puppy, dog, or mother in this place. Death.

Even from the start, these dogs have terrible lives. The mills don’t care about the well-being of the dogs. Puppies are usually born with parasites and organ problems. They develop fears and antisocial aspects that is caused by isolation from their mothers.

Puppies are sent to pet shops alone without their family, on a journey they never wanted. When there’s not enough space, they’ll spend their time in the puppy mill, or live life like females.

If you want to know what a puppy mill looks like, here’s a description. Loads of cages stuffed with puppies and dogs all begging when you walk in. There are cages stacked on top of each other with even more dogs whining and pleading. The stench is unbearable. Dog poop, pee, barf, fart, etc. If you think this is funny, Wait until you look at the infections that most dogs have.

To save these puppies, the rescue organizations have to make deals. There’s not a vague law that banishes this kind of cruelty. Pet shops can hide that they’re getting dogs from a puppy mill because there’s no legal classification of puppy mills on their “papers.”

Please share this information to anybody looking for a dog. Adopting these animals and donating to their rescue organizations are one of the best ways to help.