Crunch. Crunch. The leaves shriveled as I walked home from the library. It was a Friday night. Friday the 13th to be exact, and I was walking alone. My phone was about to die, meaning I wouldn’t have a flashlight anymore and it was getting darker and darker by the second. I got an eerie feeling when I heard heavy footsteps behind me. They were getting louder and louder like they were getting closer to me. I started to speed up but so did the footsteps.

 My phone was then at 1% and I wasn’t even close to getting home. I could’ve just saved going to the library for the morning! I started to feel heavy breathing behind me, so I started to run. I ran is fast as I could, scared to look back. I think I dropped one of the books, but I kept on running.

I took a sharp turn, hoping I would lose whatever was behind me, but I could still hear the shuffle of foot steps. I looked in front of me to see a black cat and shattered light bulb from the street light.

Great! Double-bad luck. Just what I needed.

And then it got very dark. I noticed my phone had died. It was just me and whatever is following me in the dark.

I started to hear whispers all around me. It was like a song but I couldn’t understand what the words were. Then I heard giggles like a little girl’s, but what would a little girl be doing out at this time at night? I was so close to getting home. Just a few more steps. I was by the water at Tappen beach. And I thought I saw a shadow by the pipes but it might have just been my imagination. Then I had heard a huge bang behind me but I couldn’t turn around. The footsteps were back so I took all my courage and turned to see…..

Nothing, nothing was behind me. Then what was making all that noise. I turned back around to see a shadow under a street light. The shadow started to get closer. I turned around to run back but the shadow was there too. All the street lights turned off and it was pitch black. All I could feel is the crisp cold air nipping at my noise. Then all I remember is being confronted by a very large shadow in front of me.

Missing child report. If seen please report to 516 *** ****. Last seen: Gold Coast Library Friday, October 13th, 2017.