Do you ever get that feeling as though someone is watching you? Maybe ‘watching’ is an understatement… How about the feeling that someone is glaring at you behind your back, but when you turn around, no one is there?

One rainy, fall day, a man was walking down the street. He was splashing water everywhere and shivering intensely. A car drives by, splashing water everywhere it goes with no hesitation. The man continued walking, house after house, staying at the same pace. Suddenly, a gust of wind throws the man onto the hard, wet pavement. As he gets up, he hears whispering from behind him. He turns his head immediately to see who’s there. No one was in sight, no houses had lights on, and nobody else was walking on the sidewalk for what he could see. He turns back around and continued walking.

As he walked, he noticed that no cars had driven past him since he fell about 10 minutes before. Right then, lightning struck and thunder boomed soon after. That made the man pick up his pace. As an eerie wind hit his face, he heard counting.

“One, two, three, four, five, six…” someone-or something- said out loud. The counting was synchronized with the man’s footsteps.

The man immediately turned around, but was surprised to find nothing in sight. He stood there in immediate shock, swearing he had heard someone counting. After about a minute of reassuring himself, he turned back around.

About sixty feet ahead of him, stood a tall, dark creature that looked as if it had wings. The man froze. With a blink of an eye, the creature bolted into the dark sky as a lightning bolt consumed it. The man sprinted away as fast as he could. The counting continued in a much deeper growl.

The man fell as thunder shook the ground. Lightning struck 30 feet in front of him. The ground split as the creature conjured out of the lightning. The creature’s eyes glowed yellow. From within the abyss, a hand grabbed the man by the ankle. The creature flew onto the man, clawing into his skin as it stared him in the eyes.

“Welcome home,” the creature said.